Salomon Kalou has been quite in demand in the last week by being bid upon by some of the clubs in the premiership. The last of these bids has come from West Ham United who is all keen to put on a huge bid amount for the transfer.

This is not new for the West Ham united team who had put forward a 6 million dollar deal for Nikica Jelavic. However, due to certain circumstances the bid was not accepted.

West Ham has not given up hope since then and has made sure that they be the first to get a deal for Salomon Kalou.

Salomon is anyway used sparingly in the matches as boss Andrea Villas Boas does not seem to require his presence as of now. However, this player has got quite the skill and talent in him which has been seen and well appreciated by other clubs in the premiership. Salomon Kalou has even got an offer for transfer to Arsenal, but it was rejected immediately as Chelsea would rather trade their players to a foreign team rather than giving it to their rivals.

Salomon Kalou has a lot to look to in the years to come as he has been having quite a good time with the entire transfer season. He just needs to better his skills and perform for Chelsea and ensure that this can be seen and appreciated by Andrea Villas Boas as well.

Apart from that, if the deal does strike for him with West Ham United, he might see a bright prospective future for himself with that club. He just needs to keep improving his game as this is the only way he can gain the appreciation from other club coaches and managers.