Salomon Kalou Has Dyed His Hair Blonde and Bulked Up


Salomon Kalou is one of the four players from 2012 Chelsea’s Champions League final starting XI to still stay active. However, fans might not be able to recognize him. The 3-7 year forward of Ivory Coast has taken to Instagram recently to show off his new bleach-blonde hair and bulked-up body as he signed for his 7th club.

Kalou had played 84 minutes against Bayern Munich in the European triumph. But he left the club for Lille after the summer and since then had spells with Botafogo and Hertha BSC.

After he had been out of the game for some time, Salomon Kalou became a part of Djibouti Premier League for a short term on a deal that was made back in June. He showed off his new look on Instagram to his 400K Instagram followers as he was in front of Lisbon’s April Bridge while nodding back to the days in Chelsea.

Previously his brother had claimed that he was better than the winner of the Chelsea Champions League even though he had a lesser-known career. Bonaventure said that he was like Salomon Kalou’s role model and the first player that he looked up to. When he began playing, Kalou wanted to be like him but he was more of an attacking midfielder and Kalou was more of a winger or attacker. He saw him coming as a young boy and transforming into a talented strong player, at Chelsea and Feyenoord. Bonaventure thinks Salomon Kalou learns a lot from him. Kalou knew that his brother was more of a technical player with big physical disabilities, while he has more skill.

Salomon Kalou has not only won the Champions League but also the Premier League and four FA Cups during his tenure at Chelsea after he had been signed in 2006.

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