Salomon Kalou belives Germans football skills are different

Salomon Kalou believes that Football is played a bit differently by the Germans and it’s not easy for a new player coming from some other part of the world to adjust to that style straightaway.

Kalou himself is very new to German Football. He has only spent 6 months playing in Bundesliga for Hertha Berlin, but, so far, it hasn’t seemed that he is facing any sort of difficulty. He has been amongst the goals in whatever few appearances that he has made.

The forward himself, however, does not feel that he is totally comfortable playing the German way.

Having played in England and Holland for a long period of time, he is used to the conventional type of Football in which the forwards don’t worry about the defence at all. They just go all out on attack.

According to Kalou, in Germany, even if you are a forward, it’s your responsibility to try and help the back line players if the ball is in the possession of the opposition team.

The Ivorian was quoted as saying, “At the start, it was all good, but, then, after some time I realized that may be, I would have to do some adjustments because they play it slightly differently over here. You have to contribute a little bit to the defence as well.”

When asked if he would have liked to have started more at Hertha during the summer, Kalou said, “Yes, for sure. But, I am happy with the fact that there are 5 goals to my name already.
I know I could have more if I had played more, but, you know you can’t blame anyone.”

Hertha is out of top 10 in the Bundesliga table right now with only 18 points in 17 games.