Salomon Kalou reunites with Frank Lampard at the Yankee Stadium

Salomon Kalou spent 6 years of his playing career performing with the Premier League side Chelsea. This was the largest period of time that he has spent with any club of his career and his time spent in Stamford Bridge was very successful as the Ivorian player managed to lift a number of major titles including: the Champions League and the Premier League.

The veteran attacker is now playing for the German side Hertha BSC but now that the regular season is over, he is taking a break from his usual schedule and Salomon Kalou took the chance to catch up with some of his former Chelsea teammates as met with Frank Lampard at the Yankees Stadium a few weeks ago on June 29.

Frank Lampard is a player of the MLS side, New York City FC as he joined the American team at the beginning of the year in January but he didn’t officially get into the team or start playing with New York City FC until July when the summer transfer window opened.

In Kalou’s first season as a player of Hertha BSC, he went through a campaign where had some ups and downs as the Ivorian forward kick-started his career with his new club by playing a regular spot in Hertha BSC but during his opening month in the team, he was usually offloaded from the pitch in the 2nd half as he struggled to make a real impact with his limited period of time on the playing grounds.

However, as the weeks progressed, Kalou earned his regular spot in Hertha BSC as he was consistently playing and helped out his club in their journey of avoiding the bottom relegation zone of the Bundesliga.